Thursday, December 14, 2006

What on earth is happening?

One month ago a Flemish meteorologist spoke about ‘zherfst’ by referring to the high temperature of the season. This was not a surprise because global warming is nowadays what one can call a topical event. In fact, we have been experiencing this phenomenon for already fifty years and it is getting worse. Even if it could present at first look some advantageous effects for us; we do not have to turn the heater, but just think ‘what a beautiful day’, this climate change has terrible effects in others parts of the world (floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc). In addition, the WWF argues that 30% of the animal species has disappeared since the beginning of the industrial era and that more and more are endangered (polar bears, vulture, migratory birds,…), but it can also be said that another specie that encounter a big risk is the human being and this starting by the poorest populations of the globe. Now that this global warming is considered as an accurate reality and that it is also well known that human activity contributes to this climate change, necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore the WWF created a useful quiz on which we can test our ecological footprint and receive some pieces of advice. Even tough the preservation of earth starts from everyone’s actions the politicians have also to take an important role in this project. A good example was the Kyoto Protocol that has been signed by almost all countries except the USA (the biggest polluter). For this reason, it is worth looking at President Bush's attitude towards global warming.

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