Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bowling for Columbine

« Bowling for Columbine » was written and directed by Michael Moore in 2002. In his film, he wants to answer the question why there is so much violence in the United States. His starting point was the massacre that took place in the Columbine High School in the Colorado in 1999. In fact, 2 students made an attack on their classmates and then killed themselves. Michael Moore enlarged the plot to the violence with guns in the United States in general. According to him, guns are symbols of both American freedom and its self-destruction. In his film, he interviews various people, among others Matt Stone (the co-creator of South Park) and the singer Marilyn Manson.
“Bowling for Columbine” has had a great succes; the film received an Academy Award for the Best Documentary and a César Award for the Best Foreign Film.
On the other hand, the film was also very much criticized. Some critics say, for example, that it is not a documentary but a fiction, misleading the viewer. Enjoy the trailer!

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