Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas. What have we done?

"Christmas" may be a simple word, it is meaningful for everyone. Some associate it with joy, gifts, good food, party… Other feel alone, this event just reminding them of their usual loneliness. It makes students think about their exams. Another category of people sees it as the Christ’s birth, as a time when his message of love is -or at least should be- the most powerful. As the Christian I am, Christmas makes me wonder: “What have I done?”, "How many times have I sinned? How many mistakes have I made?", "How many good deeds?".
“WHAT HAVE WE DONE?” is the title of the first video I’d like to share with you. I let you discover it by yourself.


(this link gives you a direct access to the video.)

I added the second one in an attempt to show solidarity is not only important for people at the far side of the world; it is also very important in the United States, as it is in Europe, and so forth and so on. Disease, hunger, poverty,… can catch you anywhere, at anytime.

CLICK HERE:,3032542&pg=1

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The Crazy Musician (aka Larry VALENTIN) said...

What have we done? As Christmas is coming up fast, everybody should definitely take the time to think about it...