Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The secret art of creating (and possibly remembering) passwords

The entry for PASSWORD in the OALD reads as follows:
1. A secret word or phrase that you need to know in order to be allowed into a place
2. (computing) a series of letters or numbers that you must type into a computer or computer system in order to be able to use it: Enter a username and password to get into the system

This definition, however straightforward, seems to be widely misunderstood. A password should indeed protect your data from ill-intentioned people out there. However, it should never stand in your way and prevent you from accessing your own information. It seems many people using the blog have devised passwords too complex or abstract even for themselves... you should try to outsmart hackers, not yourself!

For more tips on how to create passwords that offer both security and convenience, please do check wikipedia.

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