Thursday, December 14, 2006

Newport Beach

Hey guys,
I know this is not the most intellectual subject to talk about but still it's great fun!!
This sitcom is actually a real pleasure to watch, a nice thing to do when you have time! Well, I know it's not really the appropriate period but you should keep that in mind for after the exams!!We could have a wednesday movie session on NEWPORT BEACH! (just kidding)!

The sitcom was created in august 2003 by Josh Schwartz (a really jong and talentous producer) the film brings you in the universe of Orange Country town in California, a place where everything seems perfect but behind this little paradise is hiding a world of decadence, corruption and lies.

What does the story talk about?
The story tells about Ryan Atwood, a juvenile delinquent arrested by the police after being involved in a car theft with his brother. The latter was sent in prison and Ryan came into contact with a wealthy lawyer Sandy Cohen. This one felt sympathy for the young boy and invited him to stay with them. The Cohen's world was really different from the world he had known in Chino (a very poor town). Ryan and Seth (the Cohen's son) became close friends and shared many experiences together.

If you want to discover this sitcom, just hurry and get the DVD!! (uh , not too fast, in a few weeks)

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