Sunday, December 17, 2006


Cannabis against stress!

We are now approaching the exam period dangerously and many of us begin to feel sick at this idea. ‘Shit! I’m not ready!’ ‘I haven’t started studying yet!’ ‘What will become of me?’ and so on. Please, don’t panic, there is no need for that, for you can always take some cannabis to help you!

It has already been proved that cannabis had a positive effect on nervous mouse. The experiment will now be tested on Israelis soldiers who do no feel at ease because of the fights taking place in Palestine. I let you know what will come out of that and if it proves to be quite efficient, I’ll bring you some for the exams!

In the meantime, because this can take some time, I whish you all a Marry Christmas and a happy New Year, as well as plenty of success for you exams!

PS: Oh, and for the period after the January, I advise you to order some German beer… Why? You would ask me. Well, Germany has now launched a new type of beer called ‘anti-aged beer’. This drink should normally prevent you from getting old. It contains 4,8° alcohol, water, sugar, vitamins… However, in order to be completely efficient, this beer should be drunk in addition to other soft drinks.

Greetings from Leuven, Sylvie ;-)


The Crazy Musician (aka Larry VALENTIN) said...

Have you already tried :p;)?

Sylvie said...

Not yet crazy musician!

But I feel it will not be very long before I try... :s