Sunday, February 03, 2008

4 months in Leuven

Hi everybody!!

An Erasmus in Flanders does not represent a big change. First because it isn't far from home, and it offers the advantage of not being desoriented at all, but this also means few discoveries. We didn't live in an Erasmus structure but with the Flemish students. My roommates were all Flemish, except a French girl from Rennes.
Let's turn to more serious things. We had 5 different courses, among which only one in English. The others were in Dutch. The most difficult thing was that we had no written notes for four courses out of five. So we had to be really attentive in order to take note correctly, especially because all the courses without syllabus were assessed on the basis of oral exams.
However, the week in Leuven was quite short: the week was already over on Wednesday afternoon. From time to time, I gave conversation classes in French to KULeuven students (BAC 1): I found that really interesting. I enjoyed that experience a lot. Yet it was still what we can call a "light" timetable. With so much free time we could enjoy a maximum of Leuven's night life ( so many good memories), but I will keep the details for myself.
If you want to visit Leuven, start already with .
See you soon