Saturday, December 16, 2006

Santa Claus is a rocker!!

Having fun and doing a good deed at the same time? You can do it!

The principle is extremely easy: the gift of one toy in a good state gives you the access to an evening of concerts.
The asbl ARC Borinage/Haut-Pays and the Dour festival mobilize themselves so that the less favoured children also profit from Christmas and recieve the toy of their dreams, just like every child.
The festival "Santa Claus is a rocker" has been organized since 2001. There are three evenings you shouldn't miss.
You just come to the concert with a toy in an EXCELLENT state (pay attention, no pluch please) and you have a free access to the concerts. At the same time, you make a child happy! Isn't it wonderful?
Last year, the event permitted 3000 children to have a normal Christmas. This year again, Santa Claus himself will disrtibute every toy in the institutions and the less favoured families of the region.

Here are the dates of Santa Claus:
-Saturday 23/12 in Dour from 13pm
-Saturday 16/12 in Thuillies from 17 pm
-Friday 22/12 in Silly from 20 pm

As far as I'm concerned, I think that the concert in Dour is the most interesting one. A lot of artists from the new belgian scene will be present: Sharko, été 67, the tellers, An Pierlé, montevideo,...

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Eloy JM Romero-Muñoz said...

Hey, this makes me feel young again! I used to go to concerts around "St Nicolas", with groups such as "René Binamé et les roues de secours" and "Les brochettes". Boy was it fun...