Friday, December 15, 2006

Enjoy your meal!

To all chocolate lovers,

One of the tastiest highlights of any visit to Cologne is the Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum, also known as the Chocolate Museum. This three-storey tourist attraction was founded in 1993 by Hans Imhoff and is located on the Rhine. Before starting their tour of the museum, guests are given a small piece of milk chocolate. Visitors first discover the incredible and rich history of chocolate from the Aztecs’ rituals to the present industrial product. Next, visitors are led to a greenhouse which allows them to experience the natural habitat from which the raw ingredients that go into chocolate are harvested. Then, visitors are given the chance to observe the chocolate production process from the cocoa bean to the wrapped bar of chocolate. This is only the beginning of a fantastic expedition. After having seen how chocolate is made, visitors are led to a fascinating room where archaeological remains from the Olmec, Maya and Aztec civilisations are exhibited, as well as ancient porcelain and silver services from the 17th and 18th centuries. The history of chocolate is afterwards marked by the advent of colonialism, industrialisation up to the 20th century. Finally, visitors enter a room of chocolate advertisements in which antique vending machines, enamel signs, trading cards and posters are exhibited. There is also a small cinema where commercials from the early 20th century may be viewed. This ends the museum tour. After their visit, tourists may enjoy chocolate cakes and/or drinks in a Café. They can also buy a wide variety of chocolate items in a so-called Choco-shop. A visit to this palace of chocolate is a definite must for any self-professed chocoholic!

Enjoy a virtual tour!

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