Friday, December 15, 2006

Learn English with Tom Cruise and Mc Fly

Are you bored spending your time studying your vocabulary and grammar? Then I have got the solution for you! On the website of the BBC, you can find a whole section “Learning English” where you can learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar…but also learn about the last gossips and singing fashion songs! Why still read about Tom Cruise’s wedding in “Voila”, “Flair” or “Cosmopolitan”? Read it rather on the “Words in the news” page of the BBC website. You can find not only the last crucial news about his wedding but also learn new vocabulary and listen to the article which is read. You can also sing with Mc Fly, without having to search the net for the exact lyrics, which are directly provided. If you have some difficulties with professor Vandelanotte’s “English pronunciation” class, don’t panic! BBC has recorded every English sound! After having surfed on this fantastic section, go to the “quizzes” page, where you can test your knowledge on English pronunciation, the Mc Fly’s song and Tom Cruise vocabulary! Improve your listening & reading comprehension, your vocabulary and your grammar...enjoy it!

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