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The famous carnivals of UK

England during the month of November = a country that is full of folklore

Carnival, which is known as a public holiday or as a parade, is also celebrated in England. According to carnivalites, carnival is a way of life . Needless to say, it takes up 52 weeks of the year. This popular event traces the origin of the Bonfire night.
Actually, this famous night also named “Guy Fawkes Night”, is a major annual celebration across the United Kingdom. At that time, Robert Parsons who came from Bridgwater and his close friend Guy Fawkes ,were in favour of putting an end to the Protestant Parliament . But, they planned the ill-fated attempt to blow up the House of Parliament. In remembrance of this event, Brigwater has become the place where the tradition of bonfires and fireworks is more celebrated than in any other place in the country. In fact, ’ The Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Association Circuit’ who starts in Bridgwater , is known as the largest illumionated carnival in Europe. Another well-recongnized parade is ‘The West Country Carnival’ which also dates back to the Gun Powder Plot of 1605.

But, what was previously celebrated? And what do those carnivals actually happen to be?

Formerly in Brigwater , effigies or” guys “ which represented the gunpowder plot investigators were added to the fire by local groups of people who are kwown as “gangs”. These gangs paraded their guys towards the bonfire. Normally, this carnival was being held on November 5th but it is now held on the first Thursday of November. As years passed, the tradition has changed. The celebration became far more musical and plenty of costumes where used.
The spectators who come to see the parade are always fascinated by the impressive sight that the famous squibbers make.Actually,a squibber is the person who stands in line in Bridgwater and who prepares fireworks on top of a long wooden handle. However, it is not the only carnival procession that is taking place in England. There are other carnivals which are taking place in large parts of Devon, Dorset or Wilts .

Carnival clubs do exist. As soon as a person is eighteen years old, it is possible for him/her to join one of those numerous associations. Most of these independent communities are associated with a circuit ( like the Somerset Country Guy Fawkes Carnival Circuit). Each carnivalite’s aim is to build carts and to prepare the procession. Carts can be very expensive that’s why there are local clubs of individuals which have on the one hand the help of sponsorship from local businesses and which have on the other hand the help of charitable donators. These club members have to spend a lot of their spare time to set the parade to music. Finally, what every participant hopes, is to have the best card in order to be rewarded with Prizes.

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