Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Blueberry Nights

My Blueberry Nights is a film by Wong Kar Wai. It is the first film in English of this Hong-Kong film director. I read on the Internet that My Blueberry Nights was the opening film for the last Cannes Film Festival in May. It is screened in the Cameo in Namur at the moment.
The beginning of the story takes place in New York. The central character of My Blueberry Nights is Elizabeth (played by Norah Jones). She discovers that her boyfriend has a relationship with another girl. It’s really difficult for her to accept that he replaced her and she really wants to find a reason to the split. At the same time she meets Jeremy (Jude Law), a barman who also experienced a painful break. This touching character becomes his friend and tries to help her. In order to resolve her questions about love Elizabeth decides to leave. During her journey through the United States she works in bars, restaurants and casinos en meets several people: Arnie (David Strathairn) who is an alcoholic, his wife Sue Lynne (Rachel Weisz) and Leslie (Nathalie Portman) who is a player. Thanks to these persons she will learn to know herself better. After her 300 days’ journey she comes back in New York. I won’t tell you what happens at the end in case you would like to see it.
I really enjoyed the film because it is shot in an original manner: the whole film looks like the poster. I also think that the first performance of Norah Jones in a film is very convincing. This romantic film is well made and pleasant even if we know from the beginning how it will end.

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Hélène Vanco said...

I saw this film yesterday evening at the Cameo.
It's a really good film, even though it is a bit slow.
I also think that Norah's first experience is very convincing.
I warmly recommand this film to you!