Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Last week, I read Bridget Jones’s Diary, a novel by Helen Fielding that was published in 1996. As the title indicates, this book is written in the form of a diary, which begins on January 1st with a list of “I will” and “I will not” resolutions and ends on December 26th of the same year. The keeper of the diary is Bridget Jones, a 31-year-old singelton who is desperate about her life: she drinks too much, is too fat, can not keep a boyfriend and above all, she finds out that her mother is having an affair with Julio, a Portuguese man who looks a bit shady. However, this book is not as dramatic as it sounds. On the contrary, it is extremely funny since Bridget makes herself look ridiculous throughout the story: she tries to diet, which never lasts long, she falls in love with her boss who is only interested in sleeping with her and can not help falling for his tactics (even though she is aware of his “feelings” for her). Moreover, she makes a fool of herself in front of thousands of people during an interview, does not manage to cook a correct meal for her friends, and so on. Her successive blunders make the book very funny, but at the same time, the reader can not help feeling sorry for her. This book is a satire of the modern singleton tendency. Personally, I found it really amusing and I recommend it for those who want to take their mind off things! And for those who enjoyed it, there is a sequel called Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason. There is also a well-known filmic version of the book but, as often, I prefered the book and even found the movie a bit “silly”.

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