Saturday, December 08, 2007

Michael Moore

America : land of dreams, freedom and justice for all… Or so they say ! Many people have come to question this idealized view of the USA, and the daring critics have found their leader: a 53-year-old author and film maker from Flint, Michigan: Michael Moore.
Don’t pay attention to Moore’s regular-guy attitude, you might be surprised. He is indeed one of the sharpest US satirists and his works depict the nation without any compromise. Moreover, his particular sense of humour and his controversial behaviour have turned him into one of the most influential men in the World, a position that enables him to try and make young people aware of politics as well as of the importance of taking part in it.
He is best-known for his documentaries in which he points out "inconvenient truths". In Bowling for Columbine, Moore reminds us of the 1999 massacre of Columbine high school and denounces the American cult of weapons and violence. Fahrenheit 9/11 was filmed after the September 11th attacks and exposes Bush’s political failures (especially the war he is leading against Iraq) as well as his links with Bin Laden’s family. To finish, Moore has had a brand new movie coming out this year, namely Sicko, in which he criticizes the disfunctional US health care system.
You can love him or hate him, but no one can deny his capacity to bring his opinions forward with an impressive sense of integrity and frankness. This makes him one of the most influential directors of all times. And there’s no doubt that we can expect a lot more from the fearless Michael Moore in the coming years.
Bettina Battisti & Marie Fosséprez


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