Saturday, December 22, 2007

Harry potter and the deathly hallows

At the beginning of this school year I read the book which has certainly been the most read since July: Harry potter and the deathly hallows. I really found it great and I almost read the second half of the book in one shot (I began to read at 9 a.m. and was unable to stop before 5 p.m., which is when I finished the book). I won’t tell the storyline of this fantastic book in this blog entry, since I do not see the point in spoiling the suspense to those who haven’t read it yet. That is the reason why I will mainly focus on two things: my impression on the novel and my relation with the Harry potter’s stories.
Firstly, I found this novel amazing: it really was the climax of its six predecessors. Some elements of the fifth book disappointed me, but this final opus made everything clear and I was delighted to notice that every single detail in each novel was important. The fifth one contains less surprise, we learn less about Harry and about Voldemort than in the other ones, but in fact she introduces a lot of key characters and she places the setting for the climax to take place. They “adventure” was quite gloomy and really dark. You feel desperate and you think there is no hope through the whole book. The very end made a strange impression on me: the atmosphere was too different and I must admit that I am a bit disappointed. But I won’t say more about this here, since I would be obliged to tell the story in order to do so.

Secondly, I will say some words about why I’m so emotionally involved to the Harry potter stories. I received Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone when I was thirteen, and I immediately became fond of it. I quickly finished the three books that followed, and I began to wait with great impatience for the fifth one. At that time I was thinking: “that is great, Harry and his friends will always be one year older than I am”. I was moreover secretly hoping to receive a letter from Hogwarts. I was also the webmaster of a quite popular Harry potter’s website. I reread these first four books many times while I was waiting. However, the fifth book was so delayed that, when it came out, I had given up waiting for it (I read many books in the meantime; it was the big advantage of secondary school: we had such a low amount of work that we had plenty of time to read!). A few years later the sixth one came out and I found it excellent. And finally I bought the last one a few months ago and I really found it brilliant (I reread the fifth and sixth one in English this summer). Nevertheless, reading it was quite a shock: I realised that I was three years older than Harry and that I was too old to go to Hogwarts. I became aware that this great adventure was over, and that I had finished the last Harry potter, which was to be situated so far in the future when I was thirteen that it would, in my mind, almost never happen.
As a conclusion, reading Harry potter and the deathly hallows brought about special emotions to me since I almost grew up with Harry potter. It did not only mean the end of a cycle of books, but it also meant the end of a story with which I grew up.

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