Sunday, December 09, 2007

Feel like eating English?

Child: “What are we having for breakfast today, Mummy?”
Mother: “Baked beans of course Sweety!”

Indeed, for breakfast or at tea-time, the so-called baked beans are a very popular dish in England or even in the USA. It simply consists of beans baked in tomato sauce. Knowing the good cooking talents of the English people, it is not surprising that those beans can be served with sausages, bacon or as a pizza topping. The tea-time variant is even more tempting: this time it is served on toast with scrambled eggs.
To illustrate this, enjoy this wonderful You Tube excerpt “Baked beans on toast”, where cute little beans are performing Rock and Roll!

Or something more silly...

Why is this so popular? Very simply because they are sold in tin cans at an extremely low price (only a few cents), making them a product of first necessity.
Moreover, beans are not prepared in the same way everywhere: regions have their own specialities. For example: the beans that contain brown sugar and the barbecue beans from the US or again those with maple syrup from Quebec.

As to their origin, it is said that some French sailors brought “cassoulet” with them to England during colonial days. As time went by, it gave rise to the current baked beans.

According to some research, this product contributes to the five daily portions of vegetables per person. But, because of the high level of sugar and salt, this has been criticised. (So, be more tempted by the English, sugar free version!) We hope we have awoken your appetite!
By any chance, if you are interested in cooking beans, here are some links to find good recipes.

Bon appétit!

Louise and Ludivine


Eloy JM Romero-Muñoz said...

ever tried mushy peas with mint sauce... gross!

Martin Cugnon said...

It looks like some tasty stuff. I shall try once, just to know what's the worse.
The video of the Mother Goose is indeed very silly. But as I like silly things, I find great, so funny.