Sunday, December 09, 2007

(The English unit's very merry) Christmas party!

A JPG image is worth a thousand words... so here goes! (Click the image to see a bigger version.)


XavierOberneck said...

I will be there! It will be great to be together "like in the good old days" (which are not so far away!)...I think that other ex-namur students will be there too!Consequently, it will result in an unforgetable christmas party!

See you (very) soon!


Lieven Vandelanotte said...

Feel free to spread the word to other ex-students & see you next week :)

Choffray Aurora said...

I will not be theren so Merry Xmas to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeya sooon!



Martin Cugnon said...

I just wanted to thank the English Unit for the Christmas party. It was great. I've had a lot of fun. So thank you, and a merry Christmas to everybody.

Lieven Vandelanotte said...

Thanks Martin. It was fun for us too -- and exciting, what with exploding electric kettles and all ;) LV

Simon Lab@ said...

Yes, thanks a lot to everyone for this Christmas party! All of us had great fun. I'll post the pictures on my blog and on the unofficial germ@namur asap.

I especially liked the exploding kettle as kind of unwanted fireworks, but I wasn't quick enough to take a picture of it… That's a pity. Stay tuned, then!