Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My life in Leuven

It’s very difficult to speak about my life in Leuven in a few lines; there are so many things to say!
First of all, a few words about the courses. I had to follow 5 classes a week, which means that I had 10 hours of classes a week. The week was already finished on Wednesday. But there was a lot of homework to do. Each week we had to read a lot of articles, poems and short stories. We had also some short preparations. Moreover we had to write two big papers for the exams.
I followed only one course in English which was a course about English Literature. This course had the same content as the course of Mr Delabastita, but the way of studying it was very different. Indeed, we didn’t have a syllabus with an overview of the different periods in English Literature, but we studied poems of great English poets. It was interesting to study English Literature in another way, but there were too many poems. Indeed we had to be able to recognize more than 60 poems and to identify them for the exam!

Turning to my life in Leuven, there are also a lot of things to say. Leuven is a beautiful city with a lot of things to do. First of all, there are two big shopping streets. My student room was next to these streets. Of course I spent a lot of time in these strrets. There are also a lot of pubs in Leuven. On the “Oude Markt” (which was also next to my student room ;) there are more than 15 pubs! There are also a few pubs next to the faculty where you can spend a funny evening.
Another interesting place in Leuven is the “Stuk”. Here, there is a nice little pub, but also a cinema with cheap films. We watched a very strange film there with Delphine and Maud: “Paris, je t’aime”.

In the evening, you can make a lot of other activities than going to the cinema. There are a lot of student pubs, a lot of places where you can dance and a “cocktail bar” with more than 200 cocktails! We spent a lot of time in this bar…

I could continue to speak about my life in Leuven, the problems I had with my bike or the meeting with strange Erasmus students but I will have the occasion of speaking about this on 28th January.
See you there!


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