Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday I went to the theatre of Namur to see an exhibition called Hitch-Hikers about a man (Doug Biggert) who travelled across the United States during 40 years. His aim was to pick up as many hitchhikers as possible, and every time he took pictures of them.
In the exhibition, a bunch of his pictures are exposed and there is also a short video about him telling about his expeditions, his motivations and his anecdotes. There is also a passage of him with a hitchhiker and we can observe the kind of conversation he had with them. He also explains that the majority of hitchhikers are people from the low class (poor people). Honestly, I think that what Doug Biggert did was quite adventurous because you never know who you are giving a ride to somebody (there are so many strange people nowadays). He gave a ride to hundreds of people.
I must say that if I had to pay to see that exhibition I wouldn’t have done it. Indeed it was really short and I find that looking at hitchhikers’ pictures is a bit boring but since it was for free and could count as a cultural activity I did not hesitate. I admit that the video was quite interesting; it enables us to see another side of the United-States, and not the suburbs where everything is perfect and shiny.
Anyway I would recommend it to people who have nothing else to do, are interested in seeing hitchhikers and have to do a cultural activity in English.

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