Sunday, January 13, 2008

American Gangster

This film is directed by Ridley Scott and the two main roles are played by Denzel Washington (Frank Lucas) and Russel Crowe (Richie Robert). It is inspired from a true story that took place in New York during the seventies.

Frank Lucas is the driver of one of the leading figures of the New york crime syndicate. When this latter dies, Frank exploits the gap in the structure to establish himself as the New York baron of heroine. He bases his organisation on his relatives in the fashion of the Italian maffia and has the drugs imported by the army from Vietnam. After a period of succes his business comes into trouble, partly due to envious rivals, but mostly due to the investigation of a new , incorruptible and tenacious inspector, which has sworn to bring the organisation down.

The schock of the Titans , D.Washington and R. Crowe, results in a beautiful screenplay and a lot of suspense and has nothing to envy to another gangster film with a marvellous cast i.e. "Heat" with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

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