Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Get ready for V-Day

This is dedicated to all the lovers out there (lovers in the broadest sense of the word, just like in Blur's now classic Boys and Girls.) If you haven't started looking for your Valentine's Day gift -- and I know that some people in our department already have, you're in trouble. Big time.

I know it's boring to try to figure out what will make your significant other go, like, 'O - M - G! You shouldn't have, really, it's, like, you know, what else can I say.' Honestly, most presents you get are crappy, let's face it, especially on Valentine's Day. I've just found a list of the worst Valentine's Day gifts on the web. My personal favorite is:

An empty box of your significant other's favorite candy with a note saying "Forget it, you're already too fat"

Now, what is the crappiest V-Day present for you?


Nolan said...

I'd go for the hoover, especially if you have a student room to clean... (or to have it cleaned^^)
But let's pay attention not to receive the slap as present ;-)...

By the way, happy new year to everybody, and good luck for the exams!

Eloy JM Romero-Muñoz said...

I guess my wife might be tempted to give me one of those boxes to be honest... I AM too fat.

pierre-yves said...

Speaking of boxes and presents, there's one that Justin Timberlake came up with... that is all I'm saying :)