Monday, January 07, 2008

Europalia: The Grand Atelier

The Grand Atelier is part of the Europalia exhibition and is held in Brussels. It shows Art in Europe from the fifth until the eighteenth century. The exhibition counts about 350 works, originating from more than 100 European collections such as The British Museum in London, Trinity College Library in Dublin and Cambridge.
We sometimes forget that the Middle Ages were not such a ‘dark’ or ‘negative’ period. At this time, Europe was a place of art and thought. Many of these productions are part of today’s inspiration.
Most of the sculptures, paintings and books are closely linked to Catholic religion. It means that there are lots of Bibles, Psalters, icons, etc.
I must admit that I did not really enjoy this exhibition because the comments were rather poor; some only gave the origin of the work, others really gave too much information. The audio-guides were also rather useless because they did not explain most of the works and the ones they explained were already commented on in the brochure.

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