Sunday, April 01, 2007

deviantART: where art meets application!

Let me present you one of my favourite sites: deviantART or DA. It 's an online community devoted to art. Art lovers from all over the world can meet here. It incudes those who create art as well as those who admire it. This site offers a lot of works of art dispatched up into several categories: photography, traditional art, digital art, sculpture, customization, literature and many others. Each category is divided into subcategories: people, music, animals, portraits, lanscapes, fantasy, etc. This site is perfect but you will have to log in if you want to download nice desktop wallpapers or images of a good quality. DeviantART also provides funny icons and themes for Messenger. The image shown above is my current wallpaper and is placed in the category Customization - Wallpaper - Vector. Beautilul things as well as bad ones are published on this site but art is a matter of taste and you are the only one to judge.

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Lieven Vandelanotte said...

deviantart... one of my alltime favourites! A lot of junk of course, but lots of gems as well for the discerning eye ;) LV