Monday, April 30, 2007

Prison Break

The 21st century is a period full of famous TV-series. Almost everyone is now accustomed to the love’s affairs of the surgeons in Grey’s Anatomy; the lives and many problems of Bree, Suzan, Gaby and the other desperate housewives living in Wisteria Lane or of two boys discovering that they are half-brothers in One Tree Hill.

Prison Break is also a famous television series. Created by Paul Scheuring, this American series is about two brothers in which one of them, Lincoln Burrows, is condemned to death penalty because of a murder he has not committed and the other, Michael Scofield, who tries to do everything possible to save him. The storyline is full of sudden changes, suspense also plays an important role during each episode. As far as the actors are concerned we have among others the handsome Wentworth Miller who embodies Michael, Dominic Purcell (or Lincoln in the series) and Sarah Wayne Callies the pretty doctor of the prison.

For those who have not yet begun to watch this series and who would like to, I recommend you the website gigiblog on which many series are free and available. (The most part of the episodes are in English so you can at the same time entertain yourself and improve your listening comprehension…)


pierre-yves said...

thanks for advising this site which obliged me to watch ten episodes of the series Heroes in 2 days, as well as some House MD and Las Vegas! everything we need before a nice exam period :D
But great site, honestly

pierre-yves said...

I assume that a lot of us have already seen it, but for the others, I advise you to have a look at the parodies of Prison Break, namely Prison Bièsse, dubbed in Walloon and quite hilarious (to be found on Youtube)!
Actually, the language used is a mix of Walloon and "Baraki"(our own Murks, hint to Metmet).
And good luck to everyone for the exams of course ;)