Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scott's pub in Luxembourg

Today is the first day of the Easter break which means holiday for some (lucky ones) but for all of us, students, the beginning of two weeks of hard study. If some of you guys feel depressed or have had enough of studying one of these days, the Scott's pub in Luxembourg could help you to unwind a bit and to get a change of air. Even if you do not live near Luxembourg, this pub is really worth-going at least one time.
The Scott's pub is an Irish pub in the Grund of Luxembourg city, by far my favourite one. It has been opened for a long time now but is still full-house every weekend. There are good reasons to explain this success.
Having a large typical Irish style interior, the Scott's attracts a multicultural crowd at any time of the year. Foreigners on city trip in Luxembourg usually go there at least one time during their stay and so a large number of different nationalities meet every day at the pub.
If you go there on Friday or on Saturday night, you will enjoy the great atmosphere: lots of people (young and old), good music and of course the Irish beer...On Sunday the atmosphere is rather cosy, it is ideal if you just want to drink a cup of coffee with some friends.
The big terrace in summer offers a lovely view of the Grund of Luxembourg. Looking down on water, you will feel like if you were in Venice.
The Scott's pub is also part of a stand-up comedy club. About once a month the pub receives theatre troups, musicians,... The shows are of course always given in English. The next comedy night will take place on wednesday 18 april.
This pub is thus a good way of having fun and meeting people while practising your English skills.

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Delphine said...

Thank you for the tip. I feel like going for a drink there each time we visit the Grund, since it's the only pub deserving that name in the whole area... But unfortunately not the ideal place with two children... Or perhaps it is, on Sunday afternoon?
See you there soon?