Monday, March 19, 2007

“Wat zou je doen?”

Who would be able to name at least three Dutch bands? I imagine most of us would answer: “Are you kidding? The Netherlands have no musical culture...”. Needless to say it is not true at all. Actually, before having lived for five months in this country, the only Dutch bands I knew, were Epica or Within Temptation. You might know these bands but you might have thought they came from Scandinavia. As a matter of fact, their music is close to the so-called ‘Symphonic Metal’, the pioneers of which were first to be found in Northern Europe, such as Nightwish (which I greatly invite you to listen to).

But have you ever heard about BLØF (please, pronounce ‘bluff’)?

During my erasmus experience, I got in contact with the Dutch culture, which, of course, includes Dutch music. I thought it would be interesting to share my new love for Dutch music and to ‘annihilate’ those prejudices. I would especially like to present BLØF (please pronunce ‘bluff’), a Dutch band coming from Zeeland – the south-Western part of the country. The band was founded in the early nineties, at the initiative of the bassist, Peter Slager. They especially wanted to revive the Dutch rock music and to sing in their native tongue.

They travelled a lot and met new cultures, which would have a huge influence on their new album. They introduced new instruments, let us say “more exotic”, which give some kind of origininality to their songs. I greatly advise you to listen to them. It would be “two birds with one stone”: the pleasure of listening to good music and the opportunity to improve your listening skills! So, GO FOR IT! By clicking on the link above, you would be given the opportunity of listening to some of their songs and of watching some video's!

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