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The Saturday Night Armistice

The Saturday Night Armistice is a “British satirical television comedy programme” which was shown from 1995 to 1999. It commented on what happened the week before the broadcast in a humoristic manner. An example of these hilarious stories is when an Orange March demanded to pass through a ladies toilet which was a men’s toilet 200 years ago. The principal presenter was Armando Iannucci who was helped by Peter Baynham and David Schneider. A fourth personage to get on stage was “Mr Tony Blair”, a puppet representing the former Prime Minister. He only spoke to Iannuci which enabled the latter to make fun of what Tony Blair had done the previous week.

Armando Iannucci is a multi-talented man who became famous in producing I’m Alan Partridge and The thick of it and in playing in The Armando Iannucci
Shows. Those are all satirical shows.
Peter Baynham served in the Merchant Navy before being a famous writer and performer in humoristic series. That’s why he’s often said to be ‘the only comedian, working today, who's licensed to drive a supertanker’. As Iannuci with whom he worked on I'm Alan Partridge, he is an actor, a writer and a producer. With Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines and Dan Mazer
, he wrote the famous film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan for which they almost received an academy award or Oscar for that film.
Schneider is an English actor and a comedian. That is in the 1980’s that he met Iannucci. He began to work for him in 1991 in the radio program On The Hour
(it made fun of current affairs broadcasting). He was seen in a television show called The Day Today and in several movies such as 28 Days Later or Mission: Impossible . He also appeared once in Mr Bean. In 2008, he talked about celebrities in the British television program Most Annoying People of 2008 broadcast on BBC 3.
The show often invited British comedians such as Arthur Mathews, Graham Linehan, Simon Pegg.

The public was frequently invited to participate to the show, for example in "Hunt the Old Woman": every week, the viewers had to spot an old lady in unusual situations on the channel and those who succeeded received a prize: "The Saturday Night Armistice Hors d'Œuvre Tree", a collection of Hors d'œuvres. It became later the "Friday Night Armistice Dart Flights". This old woman made one of her most notable appearance at Royal Ascot (one of the most famous race-meeting in the world). She was wearing a large hat with “I am an old woman” written on and made the front page of The Times.
In 1996 due to the fact that it appealed to less viewers than before, the show was rescheduled on Friday night, becoming The Friday Night Armistice. They also made special night shows, at Christmas or during the election (The Election Night Armistice). The last one
was seen in January 1999.

Nathalie Mioli and Amélie Bulon.

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