Friday, April 23, 2010

"In the loop"

« In the loop » is a typical British comedy which was released on the seventeenth of April 2009. “In the loop” criticizes the absurd effort of the Anglo-American involvement in the Iraq war.
This film is based on the popular TV series “The thick of it” on BBC 2 and was oscar-nominated in 2010.

“In the loop” is directed by Armando Iannucci, a 47-year-old Scottish Italian comedian, writer, director, performer and radio producer. He wrote "Facts and Fancies" in 1997, later turned into radio series. He’s also famous for his radio programmes, for example “On the hour”. What is more, he had a personal TV show. He directed two films “ Tube tales” and “In the loop”.

The main actors in the film “In the Loop” are for example Tom Hollander, the British Minister Simon Forster, Peter Capaldi, allias Malcom Tucker, a sort of spin doctor, and James Gandolfini, the American General Miller.

At the beginning, the film is settled in London. Simon Forster, the Minister of International Development, makes a blunder during an interview about the possible invasion of Iraq. He tells journalists that a war in Iraq is unforeseeable.
This ill-chosen word is going to cause a terrible panic among media and politics in the US and in Britain. Malcom Tucker, acted by Peter Capaldi, tries everything to make the situation better. We could call him a spin doctor. A spin doctor is “A person who publicizes favorable interpretations of the words and actions of a public figure, especially a politician”. ( He’s said to be a parody of Alaistair Campbell, the famous spin doctor of Tony Blair.

Simon Forster tries to get back on his feet and gives another interview to the journalists in which he makes once more another blunder. He says: "To walk the road of peace, sometimes we need to be ready to climb the mountain of conflict". It’s how a war conspiracy begins, with many misunderstandings which make the situation only worse and worse.

The American characters are General Miller, played by James Gandolfini. He’s pacifist and against the war in Iraq. Whereas Linton Barwick creates secretely a war committee and would do anything to justify a war in Iraq.

According to many critics, “In the loop” is the funniest film of the year. For others, it’s a comedy of highest order. This film is also described as genius, unmissable and brilliant.

Here is the trailer, enjoy!

No worries if you do not understand everything, you have to put yourself in Englishman's shoes! ;)

Audeline Boucart & Stéphanie de Wilde


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