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Paul & Pauline Calf

Paul and Pauline Calf are both characters created and played by Steve Coogan.

Paul Calf first appeared in Coogan's stand-up shows as a character named 'Duncan Disorderly', and later developed into a recurrent character. He is an unemployed man from Manchester. He lives in a social housing with his mother and sister, Pauline. Paul is a strong supporter of Mancherster City football team and he loves Chuck Norris. He's wearing a bleached mullet (a hairstyle which is short at the front and the sides, but long in the back) and he loves to cruise in his Ford Cortina Mark IV. He hates students and even served a term in jail because he beat one severely. While reporting the trial, Paul says: "When the judge passed sentence I said nothing. I stared him out. He bottled it and looked down at his notes. It was a victory of sorts. I wondered who looked more tragic - me in a Burton's suit handcuffed to prison officer or his lordship wearing a long black dress and a wig like a girl. I think he knew."

Pauline is Paul's sister. She's always dressed in a very provocative way. She goes out with 'Fat Bob', Paul's best friend, but in 'Three Fights, Two Weddings & A Funeral', she is to marry with a Greek walled Sprios Zorba Panathageorgianous. We don't know much about her life, but we know she has written two romantic books: one called "She Shat Herself", and another called "Stallion Heart", under the pseudonym 'Paulette Vache'. She also had a baby (whom she alleges is Jonathan Ross' child).

Paul and Pauline's three main TV apparitions are "Paul Calf's Video Diary" (1993), "Three Fights, Two Weddings & A Funeral" (also known as "Pauline Calf's Wedding Video" in 1994) and "Get Calf!" (from Coogan's Run, in 1995).

"Paul Calf's Video Diary" is about Paul's attemps to get back with his ex-girlfriend Julie. The episode takes place during the Christmas/New Year period. The video is recorded by his friend 'fat Bob' and Roland on a video camera received for Christmas.

"Pauline Calf's Wedding Video" is about her own wedding with the Greek Spiros. All is recorded extraordinarily by Paul and Bob, from the early beginning (Spiros' arrival) to the very end.

In the "Get Calf!" episode, Paul Calf witnesses a bank robbery and has then to identify the three criminals in court. Afterwards, he joins a cult and, going to the cult's residence, he takes part into a porn film.

There were also various onstage performances like "Paul & Pauline Calf's Chesse and Ham Sandwich".

Both characters have their own quotes they are famous for. Paul Calf's ones are "Having a body that drives women wild is a bit like having a green Ford Cortina Mark 4 - you've either got one or you haven't. And I 've got one." and " I've got two bad habits, smoking and masturbation. I'm a twenty a day man, and I smoke like a chimney." Pauline Calf is well-known for het "I'm 24, single, and gagging for it. No, I'm only joking. I'm 25." and "I've had him".

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