Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New chance to go and see Control

In an unlikely turn of events, it now turns out Control will be screened locally in Namur, only once, on Monday 29 October at 8.30 pm in the "Cameo 2" cinema. I have in the mean time managed to see it, so I can recommend it all the more heartily!


Simon Lab@ said...

1st comment!

It's quite unfortunate that it'll be screened on that Monday, for the very next day we have to take the first Proficiency test… And not to mention that we have classes till 7.10 pm… I don't think that many BA2 students will come. Or would you prefer us not to study? ;-)

Lieven Vandelanotte said...

Just study for the test in advance and then take the evening off to go and see the film :) LV

Larry VALENTIN said...

[@ simon lab@]

Lol, you weren't trying to reschedule your 'little' proficiency test, were you?

Nice try! :p

Eloy JM Romero-Muñoz said...

I bet you'll be done a week in advance anyway Simon, won't you? But it's nice to speak on behalf of other, less far-sighted students. (I never was very far-sighted myself by the way).

Simon Lab@ said...

[@ larry valentin@]

No, I wasn't trying to do that: the sooner the better.

[@ eloy jm romero-muñoz@]

I haven't even started! Well, let's just say that I've just briefly leafed through the VIU and the false friens dictionary in order to get an idea of what I'm gonna study this weekend and on Monday evening! ;-p