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Presentation of the product :

Horlicks is a malted milk drink developed by James (1844-1921) and William Horlick (1846-1936). These two people are two brothers and British-born men. James was a chemist, he worked for London pharmacist Gustav Mellin, in a company that produced dried baby food. William Horlick was a well-known philanthropist in the Racine area. He was also a major sponsor of the Racine Legion, which played in the National Football League from 1922 until 1924.
The two brothers lived apart from each other, James was living in London while William was living in Racine, a city in Wisconsin. Malted milk balls were developed in Racine. The younger brother, had emigrated to America in 1869 and James decided to join him in Chicago in 1873 and they started their own company named J&W Horlicks. They wanted to make a malted milk drink , powdered made from malted barley (orge maltée).
Fabrication of the product :
From 1906 to 1908, Slough was the first place that they chose to built their first factory. Slough is a town in Berkshire and it’s not far away from London. Nowadays, it’s the biggest market town in south Buckinghamshire and an important commercial center which includes large industrial as well as residential areas. The construction of the factory cost 28 000 £. By the way, the building is still standing and it’s an historical place.

In 1982, they created instant Horlicks which is instant malted drink in a sachet format.
From 1985 to 1986, they launched they chocolate malt flavours.

There were 3 different flavours : classic flavour, light flavour and chocolate flavour. In 2003, the brand introduced new flavours such as vanilla, toffee, chocolate, honey, and elaichi (cardamom).
Some other Horlicks productes were launched. In 1993, Horlicks biscuits and an energy bar in 2009, named Horlicks NutriBar. Also in late 2009, it was the Foodles, a brand of instant noodles. After that, in 2011, a premium variant of the malt drink, and Horlicks Oats, the breakfast cereal product.

Users :

At first, it was a drink given to all children, infants and invalids. Then, the producers used to give it to people who went on expeditions and to people who were in emergency situations.
Thanks to this product, they were able to live and even survive in the cold-weather in the mountains. It gave to them all the nutriments they needed.
During the two World Wars (1914-1918, 1940-1945), soldiers were starting to drink it too, at home as well as on the front lines.
In 1948, during the London Olympics, the popular drink “Horlicks” was given to all the competitors as a bedtime drink.
This company used to help children at the first place. Nowadays, everyone is drinking it just because of the taste.

Horlicks around the world :

Horlicks is also used in different country such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and India. It is used in many different way with many different recipes, for instance : in India they use buffalo milk instead of cows milk to adapt to their beliefs.


There are a lot of advantages of drinking horlicks milk, such as : it is a lightweight drink, it is also non-perishables, it has high-calorie qualities, it is basically a very good food supplement because it has all the nutriments that a human needs, it is also energising, refreshes, relaxes and a sleeping aid

Conclusion :

To conclude, we found a video which sum up very well all the important information we had talked about in this presentation. We had thought that it could be a good conclusion.

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