Sunday, May 15, 2016

Justin Trudeau

 Personal Life

Justin Pierre James Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada. He was born in 1971 in Ottawa and is the son of the former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and of Margaret Sinclair. He lived at Sussex Drive in the Prime Minister’s Residence until the defeat of his father’s party and the divorce of his parents. Then, he was brought up by his father in Montreal. There, he went to Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, a private school that his father also attended. In 1994, he studied English literature at McGill University and received a Bachelor’s degree in education from the University of British Columbia in 1998. Thereafter, Justin worked as a teacher in Vancouver. He later moved on to Montreal where he started studying engineering but quickly gave up. Although he had been immersed in politics since his childhood, he became more involved after the death of his father and brother. He is now married with a Canadian television host, Sophie Grégoire, and together they have three children. He belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.
Liberal Party and election

Justin Trudeau's party is the Liberal Party of Canada, also called Grits. It is a middle-of-the-road party: it is to the left of the Conservative Party but to the right of the New Democratic Party. Its official colour is red.  This centrist party promotes social-liberalism, progressivism, and the free market. In the 2015 federal election, the party won 184 seats in the House of Commons, making it the majority party (with 68% of Canadians voting). The liberals had been in the opposition since 2006 and even became the third-ranking party in 2011.
Despite his victory, Canadians wonder if Trudeau will be able to run the country. Every Canadian remembers the political power his father. In fact many reforms, for example the abolishment of the death penalty, have been taken during his mandate as prime minister. Furthermore as minister of justice homosexuality and divorce were decriminalized. Trudeau must prove to Canadians that he is ready for the job.

Domestic policy

Economics and Taxes: He promised to boost the economy by accepting a series of budget deficits to fund major spending. He also wants to raise taxes on the wealthy by around 4 % and cut taxes on the middle class by around 1.5 %.
A Reform of the voting system: He has pledged to reform the country's current first-past-the-post voting system with an all-party committee national electoral system.
Support the Refugees: He has vowed to continue supporting immigrants by taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees.
Feminism: He has embraced feminism to improve decision-making in politics and business. He set a gender-balanced cabinet composed of 15 men and 15 women.
Marijuana Legalization, gay marriage and abortion: He has pledged to legalize marijuana but does not have a plan for taxing it. He claims that support for gay marriage and access to abortion are among his core principles.

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