Wednesday, January 05, 2011


‘Cinémagique’ is an impressive theatre-show attraction at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Resort Paris. It has been presented since 2002. The show is performed in French and in English, starring Martin Short, a Canadian-American actor and comedian and Julie Delpy, a French-American actress. Martin Short plays the male protagonist, George, Julie Delpy the female protagonist, Marguerite. This attraction is staged several times a day. It is directed by Jerry Rees, an English animator and director.

The show may be called either a theatre or a cinema show. You see a life performance mixed with movie scenes on a huge screen. The spectators experience a journey through the history of film and all is accompanied by live action techniques. It is a very special show because it blurs the line between reality and cinematic history.
All begins with a montage of early black-and-white films. Suddenly a telephoning man walks on the stage; it is the male protagonist George. Meanwhile, a love scene between a man and a woman on the screen is interrupted by the noise made by George. The woman is the female protagonist Marguerite. The man on the screen wants to stop George but he cannot reach him because the screen is between them. So, he decides to call a magician. George is magically transported into the film by the gestures of the wizard. The man immediately attacks him, especially because he notices that George and Marguerite like each other very much. George tries to escape, runs away and climbs out of a window. From now on, an adventure through many different famous English movies starts. You see sequences with Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy. Afterwards, there is a transition from silent into talking films. George escapes from the black-and-white films and is found in the well-known Western movies Once upon a time in the West and Mary Poppins. In the meantime, Marguerite is following him through the same movies, they even find each other. The show is also very funny. When George jumps into a puddle, he lands into the scene from Pinocchio where the whale Monstro awakens and chases both George and Pinocchio. Thereupon, George reaches the surface and climbs on the ship ‘Titanic’ where Jack calls for help. George tries to find him, but each door reveals someone different from Jack, e.g. Hannibal Lecter. After an adventure through the science-fiction film Star Wars, George and Marguerite, who have found each other, land in a medieval film setting where they meet knights and Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. There comes an important scene where a knight throws a sword towards the screen. The sword lands on stage and creates a portal to go back to the theatre. George walks through it; the portal unfortunately closes before Marguerite can use it. This tragic scene is followed by a happy ending. They will be reunited by the help of the magician from the beginning of the show. He creates a portal for George to come back into the movie. The show ends with a loving embrace between Marguerite and George, accompanied by famous film kissing scenes.

In my opinion, this is a wonderful attraction. The show is impressive, funny and enjoyable. It is really sensational to see how George and Marguerite are put into real movie scenes. As spectator, you also feel as if you were within the show, made possible by life action techniques. Indeed, you are engrossed in this theatre-show from beginning to end. It is an absolute must at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

by Désirée Andres

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