Friday, November 05, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

‘The Vampire Diaries’ is an American series inspired from the book series by L. J. Smith, and is broadcasted on The CW every Thursday. The first season, released in September 2009, was a great success and the second season is already underway since September 9, 2010. The episodes are all available on the website of The CW.

The story takes place in Mystic Falls, a fictional town in the USA, and stages a high school girl, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who lost her parents in a car accident during the summer holidays. Her aunt Jenna,her mother’s sister, comes back to Mystic Fallsto take careof Elena and her younger brother, Jeremy.After the summer break, Elena and her friends, Bonnie and Caroline, findout that there is a new student at school. His name is Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and everything about him is mysterious. Stefan and Elena fall in love almost immediately and the latter will soon discover that Stefan is not human: he is a vampire.

The arrival of Stefan’s older brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) complicateslife in the small town. Damon reveals himself to be arrogant, ironical, apparently heartless, even more mysterious than Stefan, extremely powerful and dangerous but… desperately sexy. He compels people to his will, kills remorselessly and drinks human blood. In short, he is the perfect opposite of his brother, who is kind, sweet, truly cares about people and drinks only blood from animals. Damon also disrupts the relationship between the two lovers. Indeed, Damon and Stefan are both attracted by Elena, partly because she is a “dead ringer for Katherine”, a female vampire who is at the origin of the 150 year-long quarrel between the two brothers. Over the episodes, we learn more about the past of Katherine and Salvatore, how they turned into vampires and the true reason of their quarrel.

I completely love The Vampire Diaries. This series is even better than the books, which is not often the case for other films or series inspired from books. The plot of the series and the plot of the books are very different, but the characters and their past are similar. The TV-series is very attractive: there is more suspense than in the books, so that you always want to see the next episode immediately. The subject matter is at times very serious, but there are also funny moments and amusing answers, especially with Damon, who has a dark sense of humour and has digs at everyone. To conclude, I would really advise this series to anyone who is fascinated by vampires or simply anyone who wants to laugh and cry, share the feelings and the fears of the characters and be trapped in this world of unconditional love, friendship and revenge.

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