Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre...

… or almost! Indeed, the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, which you can visit if you happen to walk on Bankside, is not the real 1599’s Globe theatre. Since the demolition of the original one in 1644 (after having been closed by the Puritans), hardly any traces of the « wooden O » could be found in London. So, Sam Wanamaker (an American actor, filmmaker, producer… and Shakespeare lover) decided to rebuild a Globe 200 metres far from the supposed original site. That was a great idea! Thanks to him, today’s Londoners, Shakespeare fans or tourists can have a better idea of what entertainment meant in Shakespeare’s time.
I visited the Globe Theatre while I was in London (on the 11th and 12th of October 2008) and I really enjoyed it! The visit started with a guided tour. Guided tours may often be boring, but this one was not. Our guide was some kind of a passionate storyteller who inserted jokes and nice anecdotes during the visit. That was all very entertaining! The guided tour was followed by an exhibition devoted to Shakespeare and the London in which he lived and worked. That was again very interesting. What I most liked in the exhibition were the recordings: you could listen to recordings of famous actors performing Shakespearean plays or even record your own voice and add it to a scene recorded by Globe actors. Being a Juliet was great fun!
Moreover, the theatre itself was just wonderful! All the things I read about the original Globe were actually there: the “O” shape, the open-air structure,… As you probably noticed, the Globe theatre is one of my London trip’s favourite memories. It really is a unique place and I can’t wait to see a work by Shakespeare performed there!

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