Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Les misérables"

Have you ever heard of Leicester square? This is a small area located in London, near Piccadilly Circus. What is special about this place is that, at night, it turns into one of the liveliest places in London. Many things happen there: parties, movies,… and musicals! If you want to buy cheap tickets, Leicester square is the place to be. And that is where I was!
So, on the evening of the 11th of October 2008, I went to see a musical called “Les misérables” at the Queen’s Theatre. At the beginning, I was not very enthusiastic about it (I initially wanted to see something light and funny) but the £10-tickets soon made me change my mind. In the end, I was not disappointed! “Les misérables”, although not funny at all, was a great musical. Based on the well-known novel by Victor Hugo, it tells us about the life of Cosette, an orphan, and all of the people she meets against a revolutionary background. What I most liked in this musical was the powerful story sung by great artists. The scenery was stunning: a single wooden structure was used in almost all of the scenes and created a different effect each time.
It is true that “Les misérables” is not exactly the kind of musical which I would advise you if you want to have a good laugh, but it is worthwhile anyway. By the way, I learnt afterwards that the musical has been running all over the World since 1985. This shows how good it is!

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