Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mary Stuart

Last Saturday I accompanied Morgane to see the theater play Mary Stuart. I will try not to repeat what she already said and I will try to focus on different aspects of this afternoon. First of all we spent about an hour trying to find our way but we eventually arrived on time at the Warehouse Studio Theatre were the representation took place. We were quite astonished by the relatively small size of the theater building. Indeed it could only contain an audience of more or less fifty people. That can explain why it was not easy to get places for the performance. The public was essentially composed of English-speaking people. They all seemed to know each other and that’s why Morgane and I felt a bit lonely among them. Nevertheless they were really friendly and welcoming.
I must recognize that at the beginning I was not really enthusiastic about the idea of watching a play that lasted three hour but in fact I really enjoyed it. It was really interesting to learn things about the history of Great Britain through a play. To be honest I didn’t remember Mary Stuart from Mr Delabastita’s course. So I was pleased to discover who she was again.
There were about fifteen actors on stage and their performance was remarkable. I really liked the acting of the actress who played the role of Queen Elizabeth: she played very well with a lot of emotion. Even if the set was not very impressive the costumes were beautiful. Moreover I also appreciated the fact that even if it is a serious play which deals with historical events there were sometimes hints of humor. Nevertheless I agree with Morgane on the fact that the first two acts were monotonous: there were long monologues which made the play a bit boring. On the contrary I especially appreciated the end of the play, perhaps because there were more action and more actors on stage.

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