Wednesday, November 07, 2007

British vision

A few weeks ago we went to Ghent to visit British Vision which took place in het museum der Schone Kunsten. This exhibition covers two centuries of British art. The paintings were spread in 14 rooms and according to specific themes: atmosphere and detail, everyday landscape, British humour, and so forth and so on.

It was really interesting to discover all those artists since most of them were unknown to us. However, thanks to Mr Noiret, we were able to recognize some famous artists such as Francis Bacon, whose work we didn't find attractive at all. But we were delighted to see many works of William Blake. A very impressive room was the one containing landscapes paintings. It was quite beautiful because the painters managed to illustrate the true nature of the landscapes. Furthermore landscapes painters mostly used very huge canvases, which was very impressive. In the exercise of painting lanscapes John Constable was by far our favourite painter, especially his masterpiece "Flatford Mill" (which you can see on the picture). The way he uses light and shadow increases the beauty his work.

We enjoyed the exhibition and we learned a lot of things about british artits and culture. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the other exhibition, because we were in a hurry. The only drawback was the price: 6 € is quite expensive for students.

Morgane, Cindy and Jonathan.

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