Thursday, February 16, 2012

As a wise man once said to introduce his course, studying Literary Theory is a bit like moving to a new town. At first, you dwell on in the streets, map in hand, to gradually discover the city's main spots of interest. With time, some places become familiar while others still remain to be uncovered by the eye. 
A similar felling overcame me as I walked day in day out down the streets of Leuven (but quite contradictory, not that much when I got absorbed in my Literary History course). Nevertheless,the first thing I discovered about Leuven is that it is no ordinary town. Just walking down the Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein to join the Grote Markt and eventually the Oude Markt overthrew me on each occasion.
But the main point of an Erasmus in Leuven (often left aside by many) is of course to study at its prestigious university; and this is where the fun really begins ! Once you've recovered from the Pangaea's International Welcome Party at Alma 2 and that your cart is filled up with various courses, you may begin your adventure.
Let us imagine that you put up something like this:

- Sociolinguïstiek (at your own risk!): From 'Common Ground' to 'Norm' and 'Partialiteitsproblemen', Mr Jaspaert will let you see sociolinguistics as you've never imagined it would be!
- Engelse Literatuur II: If you've grown a passion for poetry and works such as Wordsworth's, Shelley's and other poets, this course will surely prove exciting. Mr De Graef basically discuss various texts with insight in contemporary issues such as gender, revolution, class, empire and war.
- Nederlandse Literatuur III: If you've ever dreamed of discovering the 20th century Dutch authors (such as Claus, Boon, Reve and Mulisch), then do not hesitate one second !
- and many more

In many ways, Leuven is a wonderful place to work and live. My starting plan of first experiencing it  during an Erasmus and eventually move there to follow a master program has only been confirmed ! 

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