Monday, April 25, 2011

Service announcement

You may have noticed the blog lay-out was updated -- after five years it seemed right to update the look and feel of the blog a little bit. Even if blogging has perhaps been going out of fashion somewhat in this facebook day and age, it still serves its purpose for this particular germ@namur blog. You can use the permanent links on the right hand side to navigate (among other things) to the indexing sites collecting the two main types of contributions: Erasmus testimonials and keywords and icons of anglophone cultures (with occasional specials).

Note that the current post, as well as many older ones (for instance back in the blog's inaugural year), features the styles that form part of the template for the blog. Many recent posts feature outlandish fonts which do not fit the template as well. The reason for this (in all likelihood) is that some of you prepare the blog texts in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste them into the Blogger editor. Unfortunately, Word adds a lot of html clutter without your noticing, and this interferes with the style settings of this blog. There are two main ways to avoid this that I can think of:
  1. type or retype your text directly into the Blogger editor and add in any links, pictures, videos, etc. from there (preferably without changing fonts and font sizes so as to maximize the whole website's coherence in terms of styles and formatting)
  2. if you have prepared your text in Word, copy and paste it from Word into Notepad (the ubiquitous standard Windows accessory) or a comparably basic Mac text editor, save this txt document temporarily, and then copy and paste from this (automatically completely stripped-down) version, which should then be free from all the clutter, into the Blogger editor to add links, pictures and so on in a final step.
Meanwhile, thanks for all your excellent contributions!

P.S.  There was a problem with one contribution of which the excessive Word html codes upset the general template settings (link styles) so I've had to remove and rewrite this post to avoid the problem.

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