Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a fjord situated in the south of New Zealand. It is very well-known for the spectacular scenery it offers. It is 15 kilometers long and is encircled by huge and beautiful cliffs on either side. The numerous peaks are very high, rising to more than 1200 meters. Two famous peaks are The Elephant which resembles an elephant’s head and Lion Mountain.

Apart from the high cliffs, the underwater world is also fascinating. Beneath the water, the mountains continue to plunge down as deep as 450 meters and lots of animals such as dolphins, whales or seals live there.

The Maori were the first to settle in New Zealand and named this fjord Piopiotahi after a bird, now extinct. The first European to discover the fjord was the sailor James Cook in the eighteenth century. At the end of the eighteenth century sealers visited this place. The current name Milford Sound was given by one of these sealers in honour of a Welsh haven, the Milford Haven.

Milford Sound is now one of the most visited places of New Zealand, it attracts thousands of visitors each day! It is the only fjord accessible by road, the journey to get there is worthwhile: the landscape is so beautiful that visitors stop at numerous viewing points. People can enjoy several activities like canoeing, diving, mountain biking, paintballing, visiting farms, touring by helicopter, visiting the Underwater Observatory and boat excursions. You can even do some shopping in the town centre.

This site is therefore a must when you visit New Zealand, the spectacular scenery is really worth seeing!

Marie & Hélène

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