Thursday, November 06, 2008

A great experience in Nijmegen

Hi everybody!

It has been a very long time since I have had news of you all who are studying in Namur and elsewhere. I hope that the beginning of the year was good and that you are all proud of being third year’s students! As you have noticed I have temporarily left the University of Namur to join that of Nijmegen but I assure you I will be back in February to spend the second half of the year with you.

I arrived in the oldest city of the Netherlands at mid-August for the so-called introduction week reserved to all the Erasmus students like me. We were mixed in groups of fifteen people and together, we spent ten fantastic days partying almost every night. There could not have been anything better to discover the city (and the many pubs!!!) and meet new people from all horizons. September marked the beginning of the academic year. Until now I have followed five classes, some in Dutch and some in English and like in every university, some are very interesting and others are rather boring but that is part of a student’s life! I have more or less fifteen hours a week, which is not a lot but the work to provide at home is huge so I do not have one second to be bored. This week I have just started the second period of the semester after a first exam session that lasted two weeks. I am still waiting impatiently for the results.

Apart from that I really enjoy living in the city of Nijmegen. I rent a student room situated between the university and the city centre and the bike is of course my favourite means of transport like it is the case for all the Dutch. The facilities around the university are really great especially the sport centre, which I find absolutely fabulous. All the sports you can imagine are represented here so I reassure you all: there is no need to worry about my physical condition! In ten days I participate in a famous race (“De Zevenheuvelenloop”) of 15 kilometres around the city. I will run in the middle of no less than 22 000 athletes and I hope to be a good representative of Belgium. I think I have told you the essential about my unforgettable experience in Nijmegen and I hope it has given you the desire to visit that terrific place. See you all in February.



Lieven Vandelanotte said...

Thanks Quentin, nice to hear from you :) Partying for ten days on end though? What is the world coming to? ;-) Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Xa2 said...

Thank you for your feedback about your life in Nijmegen. Just a remark about Nijmegen claiming to be the oldest city of the country: this is actually not so true. Other cities make the same claim -Maastricht and Voorburg are the most prominent ones and both have older traces from the past in comparison with Nijmegen. To know more about this topic:

CĂ©line P said...

It seems really great :