Monday, April 14, 2008

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey was born on 24th February 1964 in Somerset. He’s a comedian, musician and actor well known for his stand up comedy.
He first began collaborating with other comedians such as Mark Lamarr, Toby Longworth and Martin Stubles. Afterwards, Bailey developed his own style, mixing in musical parodies with deconstructions of or variations on traditional jokes.
As an actor, he appeared in 1991 in stand up shows such as “The Happening”, “Packing them in”, but also on two panel games, an ITV quiz pilot called “Pop Dogs” and the poorly received Channel 4 science-fiction quiz show called “Space cadets”. In 1998, the BBC gave him his own television show “Is it Bill Bailey?”: a mixture of musical parodies, surreal sketches and extended monologues on subjects such as the fine line between genius and madness. He has recently appeared in the second series of the E4 teenage dramedy, “Skins”. Let’s have a look at his talent:

What’s more, he’s also a talented pianist and guitarist. In his stand up routines, he features music from genres such as jazz, rock and classical, usually for its comic value. He was also part of punk band Beergut 100, which he founded in 1995 with comedy writer Jim Miller, which also featured Martin Trenaman and Phil Welans, with Kevin Eldon as lead singer. Since the beginning of the year, Bailey has appeared in a new series of Never Mind the “Buzzcocks”, starred in “Pinter’s People”: a special concert for Comic Relief.

To sum up, Bill Bailey is an eclectic artist known for his eccentric style and who’s definitely an emblematic figure in British humour.

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