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A sweet creamy drink galvanized by whiskey taste…

Baileys is the first liqueur to blend cream and whiskey. It combines two Irish traditions: dairy farming and distilling.
It was in 1972 that R. & A. Bailey from Gilbeys of Ireland had this revolutionary idea. However, they were impeded in their endeavour since cream and whiskey do not mix naturally. But the recipe was perfected and Baileys was finally launched in 1974 by Gilbeys of Ireland. Diageo, that now owns the trademark, argues that the unique and smooth taste of Baileys Original Irish Cream is fundamental to its success.

Baileys has become extremely popular since it was introduced. The production of 2005 has reached 6,7 million 9 litres cases. In addition, Baileys is sold in 130 countries and 2,260 glasses are drunk every minute of every day. This widespread popularity is mostly due to the large promotion attached to the brand. Indeed, strong investments are made in advertising. At the moment, the campaign of Lewis and Kelly is being broadcast around the world. It shows the couple on different occasions enjoying Baileys with friends.

What is the secret of Baileys’ delicious taste?
Baileys is a liqueur which combines Irish cream and whiskey. The milk used to make this cream is preciously selected from specially chosen Irish farms sheltering somewhat 40,000 cows. These cows are kept outdoors, where they enjoy the fresh air for nine months of the year and are fed with the green and fine grass found almost everywhere in Ireland.
The second essential ingredient of Baileys, the whiskey, was discovered by the monks almost 10,000 years ago. Not surprisingly Ireland was the first country getting the licence to distil whiskey in 1608.
To prevent the separation of whiskey and cream during storage, Baileys makers use an emulsifier containing refined vegetable oil. During the process of emulsion, cream and whiskey are mixed: one substance is dispersed in the other.
The last step in order to get the original taste of Baileys is to mix chocolate flavour, caramel and sugar with the cream and the whiskey. The exact quantities of these three additional ingredients are kept secretly.
The drink has a shelf life of 24 months: the whiskey alone is sufficient to preserve the cream.

How to serve Baileys?
The Irish cream can of course be drunk by itself; but there are more fancy ways to appreciate the drink. Blended Baileys, Baileys Latte, Baileys Over ice and Baileys Shaken with ice are easy to prepare and can be served and enjoyed at every moment of the day.
Finally, remember to drink Baileys responsibly since it has an alcohol percentage of 17 %.

Marie- Amélie and Julie

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