Sunday, September 30, 2007

New and improved

The English Unit's "useful links" page has received an update which includes, among other websites, some which were used in class quite a bit last year (like Urban Dictionary), and several which were discussed on the blog in the course of last year (for instance BBC Four Interviews [originally discussed on 19 November 2006], BBC Collective - The interactive culture magazine [originally discussed on 25 March 2007], 10 Downing Street podcasts [referred to on 3 April 2007], and Icons - A portrait of England [referred to on 23 April 2007]).

Also noteworthy among the new links are the BBC's YouTube Channels, BBC Worldwide and BBC World News. Unfortunately the BBC's main Youtube channel is of no use outside the UK. The logic here (as with video clips on some of the BBC's websites) is that these non-commercial channels are funded through the licence fee paid by UK citizens.

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