Friday, February 16, 2007

Technical notice: Switch to Google Accounts

For some time now, the Blogger system has been urging me/us to move to a new version which relies on Google accounts. I have put this off for as long as possible so as to save you any further technical challenges, but unfortunately I reached the end of this road and have had to accept the move to the new Blogger interface. This means that, when you next sign in to Blogger (in exactly the same way as you've done up to now), you too will be asked to reconfirm your password and create a Google Account (unless you already have one -- for instance because you have a Gmail address -- in which case you can use this one). I apologize for this new round of technical hassle, but there's nothing I can do about it. In any case, the steps to follow are clearly indicated and not at all difficult to carry out. Good luck :)

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XavierOberneck said...

I have created my new account. It was indeed very easy to do, you just have to follow the instructions. I am very excited to discover the new functions of our account!